Tablets donated will benefit children at Cornwall Hospital Day Treatment Program

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A shift in focus benefits children at Day Treatment Program

From left to right we have: Steve Sutherland, VP operations at CCH, Natasha Scott, Supervisor, Child and Youth Services, Keith Frost, Day treatment Program Secretary and Katie Michaud, Social worker for Day treatment program and Dave Price, Director, Company operations at VINCI Education

Cornwall Ontario – The Cornwall Hospital Children’s Day Treatment Program is a comprehensive service for children who experience mental health issues and/or behavioural challenges. The children who attend this program will benefit from the generous donation made by an Ottawa-based company. “We are grateful and honoured to receive this donation. The children in our program can use these tablets for educational and therapeutic purposes,” says Natasha Scott, Supervisor for the Child and Youth Mental Health Services.

VINCI Education has pioneered the creation of a new category of fun learning tools with the goal to maximize the potential of young children. By using a supportive teaching method designed by developmental psychologists and education experts, VINCI’s products and solutions deliver play-based learning programs for the home and the classroom.  The company has shifted focus on the delivery of educational content, and it is now available on multiple platforms instead of just their proprietary tablets.  “We offer a complete curriculum system of blended learning, incorporating hands-on, individualized learning, and reinforced with our digital lessons,” explains Dave Price, Director of Operations for VINCI Education.

The Day Treatment Program received 12 tablets donated by VINCI education.

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