The Seeker’s Secret Finally Revealed – From Newspaper to Magazine

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Cornwall, Ontario – Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 is a day that will live in history at The Seeker. In front of a sizeable crowd, Seeker Chicks Mai-Liis and Julia revealed a new format for their publication.

From their humble beginnings, a black and white 12 pager focusing on classifieds ads and printed on newspaper, to the new impressive 28 pager full colour “good news” booklet printed on silk paper with a gloss cover, the Seeker has come a long way.

“This has been a long time coming,” said Julia Lucio, Co-Owner.  “We’ve been holding focus groups and asking our readers what they want us to focus more on.  We introduced the magazines on the market last year and they were very well received.  I wanted to continue with magazines only, but Mai-Liis was strongly opposed.”

“We have been building this brand for the last 8 years,” said Mai-Liis Renaud, the other co-owner.  “I didn’t want to see it die off.  The challenge was to find a happy medium and come up with an idea that would make us both happy.”

“Mai-Liis came us with a genius idea,” continued Lucio.  “Something that keeps true to the mission and vision of The Seeker which is to bring out the positive news, seek out the hidden gems of the community, focus on the arts, help small businesses and promote events and happenings in the area, while also integrating the specialty magazines that we’ve been testing over the last year.”

“We call it the 2 in 1 flip,” continued Renaud.  “The idea is to keep our existing publication intact.  When you’re done reading the Seeker side, you then flip upside down to find the magazine on the other side.  We also want to be the authority on all events and happenings in SD&G.  For August, we have gathered a list of over 150 events.  Who says nothing ever happens in Cornwall?”

“Another thing we are really happy about is that we are bringing back the print to Ontario,” Lucio stated.  “We also love the fact that we can offer a high-quality product that is environmentally friendly, at a low cost for advertisers, with a longer shelf life. “

The publication will come out once a month and will be available in limited quantities at all the usual locations.  The magazine side will have a different focus each month.  August is back to school, September will be Arts, October will be bridal and November will be pets.

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