Marlene Baker

Positively Marlene December 2018

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Welcome to the month of December everybody. I can hardly believe that this is the last
month of 2018!

So much has happened this year. This time last year, I had a feeling that
2018 was going to be Fabulous! Boy, Was I ever right on that prediction! It all began
just after the stroke of midnight when the year had barely been born. John and I were at
C.A.P.E.’s dance and my ticket number was called out. So I went up on stage, but instead
of winning a door prize, John got down on one knee and proposed to me in front of

You know me, I didn’t say yes right away, but went, ‘Hmmm’ as if I had to
think about it first. But I was overjoyed and we were officially engaged!

I had been waiting for my divorce to go through and the final papers were to be signed in just a
couple of weeks. Meanwhile, my eldest daughter Melinda had told me about a writing
contest where couples could win an all-expense paid wedding in my hometown of Ottawa.

We wrote a 199 word essay, entered and WON! So we were all set to get married on Feb
12th in Ottawa, with an all expense, paid wedding! I signed the final divorce papers and
they were sent in.

Now there was an automatic 31 day waiting period before the final
divorce certificate would be issued. As it turned out, that day was the same day of our

So it was off to Pitt Street for the Ontario court to get the papers, then over
to City Hall to get the Marriage license, before driving to Ottawa for noon to get
all ready to be married at 2:00! But our excitement wasn’t over yet. As it turned out, our
home of 10 years was no longer available, as our dear landlady, Kinga passed away on
January 1st.

So we had to move asap. Luckily we found a house in March, took possession
in April, and finally moved in early June. During April and May, John was busy
painting and running cables for his studio, while I did some organizing and painting too.
And now we’re Happy Home-Owners, loving our home, and finally living as man and wife.
What else took place in 2018? My 3rd daughter, EllaRose had a baby boy.

Aydin in May.. My eldest daughter Melinda got married on the same day as I did, and my eldest son, Clyde married his highschool sweetheart, Staci in May.Last but not least The Seeker went
from a weekly paper to a bi-weekly, and now is printed in a glossy magazine format. Life
Without Change Can and Will Be Very Dull and Stagnant. 2018 certainly brought a lot of
changes for me. Do I Dare To Wonder What 2019 Will Bring?

Tip of the Week: Here Are TEN Ways To HAPPINESS: 1.Keep your heart from HATE. 2.Your
mind from WORRY. 3.Live SIMPLY. 4.Expect Little. 5.Give MUCH. 6.Fill your lives with
LOVE. 7.Scatter some Sunshine. 8.Think of OTHERS. 9.Forget Self. 10.Do as you would be
done by. Please try this for a week or so and you will all be pleasantly surprised.

Item of the Month: I have chosen something that I found whilst I was unpacking last
month. You see I had been putting away many treasures whilst renting and now that I
finally have a home, I can display many of my “Refound Treasures.” It is an antique,
leopard- print nightlight that came with a matching bigger light from ~MCAffies Flea
Market~ on Hwy. 31. John bartered with the man and got the pair for only $15.00. (He had
originally wanted $25.00.)

Christmas is fast approaching and everyone is in such a hussle and bustle to get
everything bought and prepared for the BIG “C” DAY! CHRISTMAS is the season for giving
and receiving presents. But what presents would I want to receive from my family? I have
pretty much everything I need and want in life. But, What am I missing? What do I
really want? “Their Presence” is all that I want! We are each given a currency of 86,400
units every day. We can spend them any way that we choose.

They are not Pennies, nor Nickles, or even Loonies, but they are SECONDS. The currency of our day. It is my fondish Wish that for this Holiday Season that people would give the “Gift of Time.” People
will drive to another city to pick up a special gift, drive back, wrap it, go to the post
office, mail it, etc. They think they’ve given the gift of time, but they didn’t spend a
single second with the person that the gift was intended for.

Maybe they live too far away. No Excuse, get on the phone. Are they nearby? Go visit them. Are they in your own home? Take an hour or so to talk with them, listen to them, share some of your
currency with them.

It is “our presence” that they crave more than any presents we could
buy them. My wish this Christmas is to exchange plenty of presence with those I love and
cherish as friends. I will certainly spend some of my “daily currency” to enrich each
other’s lives and enjoy continually getting to know one another better.

FUN FACTS: There are whole lot of Canadian elves helping out Santa every year with
his mail. You see ever since 1982 Santa has received over 20 million letters from
children from around the world. Many Volunteers from Canada Post give up 200,000 hours
or more of their time to respond to each and every letter. Here Is Yet Another Reason
Why Canadians Are So Special!

Family News: My eldest sister, Marion tuned 63 on Nov. 11th, along with my 2nd
youngest grandson, Dylan turned 3. My 4th grandson, Odin turned 5 on the 9th.
My youngest brother Wayne turned 53 on the 16th and my youngest sister, Kimmi turned 54 on
the 19th. They all had FUN- filled and Happy Birthdays. All the very Best in the
upcoming year everyone. Love Your Nana/Sister Marlene

Community News: Thanks to all of the volunteers and musicians for making Patty
Edwards 7th Jamming For Hospice fundraiser another success this year. As well as the
Cornwall on Cuddle Cot team are still raising money for their wonderful cause. Thank
you Shannon, Remington & Penny for all of your efforts and time.

Until Next Year: I suppose the real facts are that we really do not know what this New
Year will bring us. The only thing that we really do have is RIGHT NOW! Please do not
stay Mad, Angry or Upset for too long. Do learn to forgive and love others with all of
your hearts. Go on to live your lives in any way, shape or form that you choose to. Do
not even stop to worry or think about the ones that don’t love or like you. It is their
loss. Just go ahead and enjoy the ones that do love you for being the ever so Awesome


Marlene Lister

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