Gilbert The Beagle

Gabby with Gilbert – Don’t take my sunshine away

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Gabbing with GilbertHey peeps, it’s me, Gilbert. Right now, I don’t know how to feel. My family is contemplating giving The Goof away.

On one hand, I am very happy. The Goof is constantly barking and getting on my nerves. He makes me very stressed and I don’t like it. Any time I do something remotely wrong, he barks his lungs out to me. What, does he think he’s perfect? He’s very far from perfect. He’s ugly. And stress triggers my seizures, you know…

But on the other hand, I am sad. The Boss Lady and her children are leaving on their trip to Texas, and my only company will be The Goof. Well, Khyle is here, but he’s no boss lady. If we give the Goof away I’ll be all alone in the house when Khyle goes to work. Nobody to play with, nobody to have good times with, but most importantly, no one to blame my wrong-doings on.

Usually, when I do something bad, I will try to make it seem like The Goof is the one doing it. For example, when I do my business on the dining room floor, I leave the scene, and lure The Goof towards it. When going in the trash, if I hear The Boss Lady coming, I show The Goof how cool the trash is, and then I leave. I feel bad doing it, but I mean, it’s so easy to fool him. He’s just a happy go lucky kind of big teddy bear, but he hasn’t much going on between the ears, which makes him that much more loveable!

All in all, The Goof may get on my nerves sometimes, but I can speak for the whole family when I say that if we do find him another family, he will be missed.

I hope we keep him!

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