In Memoriam

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 The end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 saw our family go through immense hardships.

The heart of our family, my mother in law, passed away, on January fifth, my birthday, after spending some 18 days in the hospital, 14 of which were in intensive care, on a respirator.

Mary Lou was the strongest person I have ever met. She had lost a lung when she was younger and then, 10 years ago, was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, a debilitating disease, but she never let any of her physical limitations slow her down. Until recently, she still walked, wrote, typed, brushed her teeth, and hugged her grandchildren and great-grandchildren constantly, even though her arms and hands would not always cooperate.

Mary Lou was the steady, deeply rooted, solid and immovable tree trunk who kept every branch of our family connected together. She celebrated every new bud and mourned every fallen leaf and made sure we did too. Every time we would visit Texas from Canada, she would gather people from every corner of the State to welcome my husband, her firstborn, back home.

Mary Lou was a great example of what a Godly woman should be. She was strong in the Lord and never wavered.

She despised gossip, forgave those who trespassed against her, always and continually prayed for each and every one of us. She never gave up on any of us, especially her sons. She was always so proud of them.

When I first met her, in 2003, she immediately welcomed me and my two boys to the family and loved us unconditionally. I never had experienced total acceptance like this before. My boys were not her blood. How could she love them so much? I had 3 more children with her son through the years, but I never saw a difference in how any of the children were treated. They were all her grandchildren and she loved them all the same.

She was truly an amazing woman and I will greatly miss her light, her spirit, her keen sense of humour, and especially, her sound advice.

Mary Lou, we dearly miss you…