Totally Tubular 80’s Party rakes in $4000 for the Cuddle Cot Team

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It was a full house at the Knights of Columbus last night, as people attended the “Totally Tubular 80’s Bash” in support of the Cuddle Cot team.

“We made over $4000 from this event,” said Shannon Dugas, one of the three women part of the team, who came together to raise funds to fully equip our Cornwall Community Hospital with Cuddle Cots for grieving parents. “We are so truly humbled by the generosity from our city.”

Cuddle Cots are fairly popular in Europe but a pretty new idea here in Canada.  As the team’s Facebook Page explains, Cuddle cots are special cooling cots that help extend the amount of precious time parents and families can spend with their baby who has passed on. Time is essential for grieving parents and family and Cuddle Cots will give them this time for proper unrushed goodbyes filled with love, cuddles and kisses.

Mayor Clement was in attendance.  “The fact that Bernadette made a personal appearance made us so happy, and Cogeco was there as well,” continued Dugas.  “We want to thank the community from the bottom of our hearts.”

The Cuddle Cot team needs to raise $15,000 for this project to become reality. The funds will go to the purchase of 2 cuddle cots plus warranties and upkeep.

People can donate directly to the Cornwall Community Hospital.  Make sure you mention what you are donating to.  You can find the Cornwall On Cuddle Cot Team on Facebook.

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