Free $200 of Energy Saving Upgrades at Cornwall Spring Home and Leisure Show

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Established in 2017, The AffordAbility Fund is administered by the AffordAbility Fund Trust (AFT) with a mandate to make energy more affordable for Ontarians. Put another way, we help people who want to reduce their electricity bills but cannot afford to buy energy saving measures like new appliances or home insulation.

To date, over 65,000 Ontarians have enrolled in the AffordAbility Fund. Our beneficiaries are average Ontarians who are struggling to make ends meet. They are young families trying to manage their bills and the cost of running a home; seniors living in older housing stock (often alone) who cannot afford energy saving upgrades; people on fixed incomes and people with precarious income; and, first time home-buyers who are getting used to new

Representatives from the AffordAbility Fund will be at the Cornwall Home and Lifestyle Show where attendees have a chance to receive a home energy savings kit worth over $200.

Guests that visit the AffordAbility Fund booth can see if they are eligible by speaking with one of advisors on the phone and could walk away with $200 in free energy saving updates including LEDs, showerhead, powerbars and more. In addition, some homes may qualify for additional upgrades including free appliances like a fridge, washer and dryer or free home insulation.