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Men: How to Keep Yourselves Fresh and Clean This Summer

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As we head into the peak of summers, warm temperatures, sunny days and long daylight will draw us to the outdoors. Between over 550 lakes with beach front and over 200,000 kilometers of coastline, Canadians have no shortage of access to weekend getaways and water fun.

As we soak up the sun and heat, however, we tend to exude not so sunny smells and odors. Living in a big city such as Toronto or Montreal can worsen already difficult situation, collecting dirt and sweat throughout the day between being sardined into the subway systems and traveling distances on foot under the sun.

So how do we keep ourselves fresh despite these indecent conditions? Here are some tips to help you feel and smell nice during the summer season, both for yourself and those around you:

  1. Take a Shower

This might seem obvious, but people skip this step some days either from lack of motivation or because they feel it isn’t necessary. It is true that washing your hair every day can be damaging, as it strips it of the natural oils which protect it. This is not the case for the rest of the body! Even a quick rinse-off with soap and water is enough to wash off the dirt and grime from the day.

  1. Use Antiperspirant

While many of us are familiar with deodorant and use it regularly, you might not be aware that there’s a difference between deodorant and antiperspirant; the former covers odor while the latter actually prevents sweat build-up. If you’re a heavy sweater, consider switching to an antiperspirant to keep you dry and clean. Put a back up in your bag, so you can re-apply when needed.

  1. Wear Breathable Fabrics

Tight, synthetic fabrics prevent air from circulating on your skin, causing sweat, dirt, and grim to accumulate. Make an effort to pick out fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk which allow your body to breathe. Don’t be afraid to bring up spare clothes (a change of socks or even a spare shirt) if you know you’ll be spending a long, active day in the heat. Refreshing your attire will keep you feeling and smelling clean.

  1. Put on a Light Scent

There are few things that smell better than a good cologne. Picking a light, crisp summer scent will not only mask unpleasant smells, but will help you feel bright and cleansed throughout the day. Bring a spritzer to re-apply halfway through the day, but don’t over-do it—too much perfume can become an irritant to others.

  1. Pack Wet-Towels

Small cleansing towels are a great way to freshen up on the go if you don’t have time to come home to change or get cleaned up. Wiping down behind your ears, passing over your face, and finishing with your arms and hands is a good way both to cool off and give yourself a mini-shower. Make sure to check that the towelettes are safe to use on all parts of the body.

As always, basic sense is good sense to keeping up personal hygiene. Being aware of your body’s current status and implementing these tips throughout the day will keep you trim and fresh as you enjoy your summer adventures this year.

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