Fun Ways to Get Fit in Cornwall

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Photo: Flickr

Along with planning your meals, daily exercise sessions can have a tremendous impact on both your body and mind. And adding a little fun to your fitness routine has never been easier. From Bikram yoga to clubbercise, Cornwall has great alternatives to traditional exercise classes. Here are just some of the more imaginative ways to stay in shape.

Bikram Yoga

Also called hot yoga, Bikram yoga is practiced in a room heated to between 35 and 42 degrees with a humidity level of 40 percent. Each class usually involves 26 poses and two breathing exercises. It is said that the heat helps to improve blood circulation, sweat out toxins and stretch muscles. Bikram yoga is a low-impact exercise, which makes it ideal for those with sore joints. Be sure to be well hydrated before each class. Try Bikram yoga at Breathe Health and Fitness.


Hula-Hooping is no longer just for children. Twirling a hula-hoop around the waist and limbs is a great way to tone your body and lose weight, with 30 minutes of hula-hooping burning around 200 calories. The smaller and lighter the hoop, the harder it is to keep circling, so opt for a larger one if you are a beginner. Many hula-hoops are weighted—usually between one and six pounds—to increase muscle activation. Try hula-hooping for beginners at the Truro and Penwith College.


If you thought your clubbing days were over, think again. Clubbercise is probably the most fun you could ever have at the gym. Set to old and new club hits, clubbercise is a great way to break a sweat and work your whole body. Better still, clubbercise at Morgan’s is taught using LED glow-in-the-dark sticks.

SUP Yoga

SUP (stand up paddle) yoga is performed on a large surfboard in a calm body of water. The boards are wide and stable and come with a paddle that lets you propel yourself through the water. As maintaining balance and postures on water is more challenging than standard yoga poses, SUP yoga is a great way of getting a full body workout. Plus, practicing yoga outdoors means fresh air and beautiful scenery. You can rent a paddle board at Aquaite.

Boogie Bouncing

Performed on a mini trampoline, boogie bouncing is a complete exercise program that involves high intensity interval training to maximize fat burning. The exercise routine also involves stability exercises that engage deep core muscles. According to the fitness expert at monederosmart, while bouncing exercises every muscle in the body, including the facial muscles, it is particularly effective at working the stomach and thighs. Even the people at NASA agree that bouncing is one of the most effective exercise forms out there. According to studies conducted by NASA scientists, bouncing on a trampoline is 68 percent more effective than jogging. Try a bouncing class at Boogie Bounce.

Splash and Slide

What better way to tick off your daily workout than bouncing and sliding at a giant inflatable assault course set on water at Aqua Park. The obstacles here include a catapult, water wheel, stepping stones, trampoline, climbing wall, slides and balance beams. Alternatively, try the FlowRider for safe and easy to ride waves all year round.