7 Reasons Why You Should Shift to Natural Gas

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Natural gas is a great renewable energy source for businesses in comparison to other alternative sources. Historically, it is offered at notably lower rates than those offered for energy sources such as electricity, propane or heating oil. Below are five reasons why businesses should switch over to natural gas for their energy needs.

1. Natural Gas is Domestic

Currently, Canada meets 30% of its energy needs with natural gas and is the fifth-largest producer of it. The vast majority of natural gas that the US uses is produced domestically—more than 90%. This is a trend that’s been on the rise in recent years. A large reason for this rapid rise in domestic natural oil production is the very fast advancement of technology that improves the rate of extraction of this renewable energy source. This means that North American businesses and consumers are becoming less reliant on foreign oil and other energy supplies and resources.

2. Reliable Energy

Natural gas-using companies will not need to worry about running out of natural gas or having to arrange for deliveries of this source. Natural gas is delivered to businesses directly through a network of underground pipes and distribution systems. This means that businesses will always have a steady and consistent supply of clean energy. Natural gas is practically always ready for businesses to use, as it is deliverable even in adverse conditions such as electrical outages and winter storms during brutal winter seasons. It can also serve as an effective back-up power system.

3. Great for the Environment

Compared to the other energy sources that use fossil fuels, natural gas is the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels. Natural gas is mainly composed of methane, and the main products from its use are water vapor and carbon dioxide. These are the same chemical compounds that we exhale when we breathe out. Energy sources such as oil and coal are composed of much more complex molecular structures, containing higher amounts of sulfur and nitrogen and a higher carbon ratio. Under combustion, oil and coal produce environmentally-harmful emissions at higher levels than natural gas. This causes higher-ration emissions of sulfur dioxide, carbon and nitrogen oxides when using oil and coal as opposed to natural gas. For instance, coal-burning leaves a carbon footprint that is about 82% higher than when burning natural gas. Newer technology has helped make natural gas extraction a much easier process and helps businesses meet future emission reduction goals.

4. Safe

Natural gas is safely transported with an efficient pipeline distribution network, traveling from natural gas production sites and being delivered to businesses that contract with natural gas providers. This high level of safety ensures that natural gas businesses and consumers are safe from the harmful effects of improperly maintained natural gas appliances, such as carbon monoxide.

5. Energy-Efficient and Economical

Natural gas is the least expensive energy option for businesses, costing much less on average than other fossil fuels such as oil and coal in both Canada and the US. In Edmonton, Canada, the edmonton natural gas providers offer a range of affordable pricing options for its regional consumers. The low prices for natural gas services lead to significant savings for businesses in terms of energy bills and service- or maintenance-related service packages.

6. Improvement in Brand Image

Businesses nationally and globally are adopting or have already adopted environmentally-friendly brand images. The majority of consumers expect the businesses that they buy from or receive services from to be environmentally conscious. For companies in the energy and transportation industries, switching to a clean energy source such as natural gas can be a great promotion tool for these companies’ brands. Some of these types of businesses can reduce their Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by as much as 125%—meaning that these businesses can wind up with negative overall emissions. Both current and prospective customers and clients will be much more inclined to do business with companies that are involved in the push for more sustainable energy sources. For many businesses, switching to natural gas can be an opportunity to rebrand as companies that care about the environment and as supporting and implementing sustainable solutions.

7. Convenient Natural Gas Equipment

Natural gas can offer many solutions for businesses. Natural gas equipment has high-efficiency rates, making it a great choice for a wide variety of businesses, including retail shops, dry cleaners, offices and restaurants.


Natural gas has several benefits for companies that opt to switch to it. As a versatile energy source, it can power many different businesses and equipment types. Offering safe, reliable, affordable and clean energy, natural gas is an energy source for the present and future of business today

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