4 Tricks for Organizing Your Garage

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Most of us usually store certain belongings in a garage such as tools, a car and its related items, yard and gardening equipment, outdoor gear and almost anything we might not find a place for. This can get a bit messy sometimes as the garage will run out of space and eventually you will have trouble finding your things. A garage should be spacious for you to work or get items you need freely without spending 10 to 20 minutes searching. Here are 4 tricks that will help you organize your garage.

Thoroughly Check What’s in Your Garage

Sometimes we tend to forget what we left in our garage and end up looking for it everywhere without realizing it might have just been stashed away with other items. It’s time that you picked up those items and went through your boxes, cupboards, drawers and everything else that you may have in your garage. Check out what items you have placed inside your garage so you can later on figure out what you are going to do with them. Unless you take a thorough look at everything, you won’t be able to tidy things up.

Arrange Everything Accordingly

You should arrange things accordingly and not just put things together because they are big or made of the same material. Group your different items together and separate them based on what they are for so you can later on organize everything properly. You can park your car outside first and place everything similar together on tables or on the ground. This way you can figure out the quantity of the items you need to store. Unless you separate them so they can be organized later on, the chances that you will mix them up again are very high.

Provide Designated Storage Areas

Depending on what items you have in your garage, once you have separated everything and sorted the rest together begin picking out where you will be placing them. You can hang tools on a wall and place the rest in a cabinet or tool chest. Toys can go in a box and gardening equipment go in a corner or a shelf. Anything that will have enough space for each group of items. You can always install cupboards or shelves on your wall to make extra space for your other items or place peg boards above a table or other easy to reach areas. Not only will making a proper place for all your belongings neater and organized but it does make the garage look much neater and nice to look at.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

After arranging most of the things in your garage you might have some leftovers such as broken objects or unused items. If you do not need these, you should plan on throwing away what can be used or drop it off where it can be recycled. Consider giving away old toys, or having a garage sale to get rid of items that you no longer need but are still useful. Make up more space by not storing everything again as this will tend to end up with everything getting mixed up all over again. If you really want to keep all the excess items that you did not organize, place them in a box and avoid mixing anything else with it that should be organized in your garage.

A garage should be accessible and comfortable so you can find what you need, exactly when you need it and getting around is important so you don’t get delayed and so you can avoid any injury by any scattered items. Take the time to tidy up your garage so you can find what you need whenever you need it as this can save a lot of time and prevent situations that could be stressful or annoying. A tidy garage is a beautiful garage and it takes only a few steps to take a mess and change it an actual garage.