Mai-Liis Renaud

Out and About with Seeker Chick Mai-Liis – Dark and Early!!!

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Cornwall, ON – Finally sitting down for the first time today at my computer, I have time to reflect on the “Dark and Early” start to my day today.

7am  this morning (Wednesday, December 11th 2019) was certainly “Dark and Early” (a phrase I used to say when I was a Team Cornwall Captain heading to prepare for this day at 6am many years ago). However, now I am fortunate to just attend this event but as we were pulling into the Galaxy Theatre parking lot that familiar and good positive “team” feeling came over me as I grabbed our tickets off the dash and Sheldon and I followed the many eager members of Team Cornwall into the “2019 Year In Review” meeting.

The lobby was full of familiar faces. People networking, chatting and catching up with one another as we do every year just before Christmas. There was just time to grab some breakfast  (prepared by Prestige Catering) and a coffee and head into the theatre to get a seat.

Throughout the year, every month, The Seeker is all about positive news and community happenings and I look forward to the Team Cornwall Year in Review, as in the words of our Mayor Bernadette Clement, “Today it is time to celebrate our community’s collective achievements!”

Team Cornwall President, Peter Gault introduced our Lady Mayor and then our newly elected MP Eric Duncan brought greetings from Ottawa. Cornwall’s Economic Development officer Bob Peters then presented the Review of 2019. (the 22nd annual review by Team Cornwall). He highlighted events from 2019 and gave some sneak peeks of things to come in 2020!

There are such a lot of important things happening throughout the year in Cornwall and Bob Peters always does such a great job reviewing them all in the (approximately) 45 minute presentation that he compiles. The hour and a half that we are sitting in this meeting passes so quickly and I always leave with such a wonderfully positive feeling, having been reminded of things I know have happened and many that I have found out about today. Exiting the theatre, we were all given a special “Team Cornwall” gift and this will be used all year to remind me of the great city that I live in.

I got to chat with even more people as we visited the Christmas Bazaar tables displaying and selling great products and am proud that throughout the year, Julia and I are able to showcase and support our great community in our monthly publication, the Seeker.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s Team Cornwall get together and the 2020 Year in Review …  but in the meantime to find out more about Team Cornwall be sure to visit their website: and for more news about all the exciting happenings in Cornwall, check out