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Domtar reunion leads to renewed interest to support United Way

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Cornwall Ontario – The Cornwall Community Museum in Lamoureux Park launched a new Toronto Paper Mfg Co / Howard Smith / Domtar exhibit. A key factor in the timing of this exhibit is the success of the September 30th Domtar Cornwall employee reunion. It has been 10.5 years since Domtar Cornwall closed its doors for the last time and several former employees felt the need to re-connect.

Former employees were asking “when are we having a reunion?” Debbie Fraser, Deric Latour and Mitch Fobert-Irving led a team that stepped forward and made it happen. Mitch was appointed chair person of the gathering which raised $2,828 for the United Way. Mill employees have a long history of supporting the United Way and felt it right to do so on this occasion.

Your Community Museum wants to do its part to help people to maintain that sense of connection, so staff have created a special exhibit for former paper mill workers and for anyone interested in its rich history.

At the Museum and Archives you’ll find everything from the 1881 cornerstone to the top section of the totem pole to the steam whistle, hundreds of photographs, employees newsletters and even some fine examples of local folk art, such as some re-created retiree’s work stations in miniature which were presented upon his or her retirement.

The Museum would welcome either the loan or donation of similar items, paper mill memorabilia, etc to add to this “living” exhibit. What have you stored away?

Other simultaneous Museum exhibits include a military exhibit as well as 8th-10th century Viking artifacts. Three great reasons to visit them soon.

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