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Jason Setnyk presents his Top 16 interviews of 2016

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Cornwall Ontario — The list of headline stories from 2016 is massive. They include Wendal Clark announcing an IIHF World Jr’s Exhibition game in Cornwall, the first ever Cornwall Music Fest, Mary Patrick winning two silver medals at the Pan Am Games, the announcement of possible school closures, and so much more. This only scratches the surface of what has been a sometimes tumultuous and interesting year for the City of Cornwall. In 2016 journalist Jason Setnyk had the opportunity to interview numerous people for the newspaper. Here is a list of his top interviews in 2016.

Here are Jason Setnyk’s Top 16 favourite interviews he conducted in 2016:

1 – Interview with Hockey Hall of Fame player Guy Lafleur – He was in Cornwall on July 21st to help celebrate Newsy Lalonde Day. He was a five time Stanley Cup Champion and the all-time leading scorer of the Montreal Canadiens. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

2 – Interview with Ramones bassist and vocalist CJ Ramone – He was in Ottawa to play a concert at the House of TARG on June 9th. It was the Ramones 40th anniversary in 2016, and CJ is a part of that history appearing on six Ramones albums. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

3 – Interview with Clerks actor Brian O’Halloran at CAPE 2016 – He has an impressive resume of movies to his name including Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and of course Clerks 2. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

4 – Interview with Crash Test Dummies frontman Brad Roberts – He co-headlined Cornwall Music Fest on August 20th. He was the voice of hit songs like “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” and “Superman’s Song” song. The Juno Award winning band was also nominated for three Grammy Awards. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

5 – Interview with Star Trek actor Sean Kenney – He played Christopher Pike, who was Captain of the USS Enterprise before James T Kirk. He was a celebrity guest at CAPE. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

6 – Interview with Great Big Sea musician Sean McCann – He returned to Cornwall on November 25th and discussed celebrating five years sobriety. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

7 – Interview with WWE Hall of Fame wrestler The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase – He visited Kingston on December 17th and Ottawa on December 18th. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

8 – Interview with Blue Rodeo bassist Bazil Donovan – Blue Rodeo played live on July 22nd at Kemptville College. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

9 – Interview with TVO host and bestselling author Steve Paikin – He and Arthur Milnes visited the Nav Centre on November 14th for a Children’s Treatment Centre of Cornwall fundraiser. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

10 – Interview with April Wine drummer Roy Nichol – He was back in Cornwall this summer and did an in-depth interview recounting how he joined April Wine. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

11 – Interview with Marvel comic book artist Geof Isherwood – His name appears in the movie credits of Doctor Strange and in the movie X-Men: Apocalypse. He has also worked on comics like The Astonishing Spider-Man and Daredevil. He visited Fantasy Realm on November 5th. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

12 – Interview with Kenny vs Spenny actor and musician Spencer Rice – He has an Ontario music tour that commenced on December 10th at Café Dekcuf in Ottawa. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

13 – Interview with former Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Doug Carpenter – He also coached the Cornwall Royals to a Memorial Cup. His autobiography, “A Royal Career: Conversations with Doug Carpenter”, is co-written by Gilles Renaud, and is a benefit for the Children’s Treatment Centre. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

14 – Interview with Face to Face musician Trever Keith. The California punk legends, who were celebrating 25 years, played a show in Ottawa on November 10th. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

15 – Interview with Star Trek actress BarBara Luna – She was a celebrity guest at the Cornwall & Area Pop Event on April 23rd and April 24th at the Benson Centre. Her resume includes movies like The Devil at 4 O’Clock starring Spencer Tracy and Frank Sinatra, and Firecreek with James Stewart and Henry Fonda. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

16 – Interview with legendary comedian Derek Edwards – He performed at Aultsville Theatre in Cornwall on November 4th. Read Jason Setnyk’s interview here.

Honourable mentions: There are many more interviews that were under consideration for this list including: Star Trek and Cast Away actor Michael Forest, Frenzal Rhomb guitarist Lindsay McDougall, Slim Cessna of Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Rich Dodson of The Stampeders, Stacey Dee of Bad Cop/Bad Cop and vocalist on the Nofx album ‘Home Street Home’, Just for Laughs comedian and ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ actor Joey Elias, Cara Luft and JD Edwards of The Small Glories, KJ Jansen of Chixdiggit, Bill Henderson of Chilliwack, Bloodshot Bill, Jacquie Neville of The Balconies, Leigh Bursey of Project Mantra, bands like Mute, Falcon, Medictation, We Are Wolves, Public Animal, Counterfeit Jeans, and Classic Soul, Trailer Park Boys background actor and award winning comedian Josh Williams,  Leatherface bassist Graeme Philliskirk, Sainte Catherines vocalist Hugo Mudie, Nathan Da Silva of Slyde, award winning blues musician Paul DesLauriers, Esca Gourmet Pizza co-owner Mike Baird, Rurban Brewing owner Andy Rorabeck, Kings and Little Ones owner Josh Casselman,  target shooter Mary Patrick who won two silver medals at the Ontario Summer Games, Jenna Flannigan who won silver at the Women’s Baseball World Cup,  CoTiCon founder and award winning cosplayer Annie DeRochie and more.

Thank you for reading The Cornwall Seeker Newspaper. We wish you a prosperous 2017!

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