Back pain tips from a chiropractor in Cambridge Ontario

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We’ve all seen the videos of chiropractors cracking areas in the bodies that we didn’t even know even had bones in them. While that looks awesome and must feel good, a chiropractor’s job includes a vast array of pain management and treatments. Most of us never think that we need a professional’s help until it’s too late. While a lot of spinal corrections and serious treatment that require a chiropractor’s help.

These are some tips provided by a chiropractor from Cambridge, Ontario that can make it easier to deal with and reduce back pain.

Staying upright

You wouldn’t believe the number of activities we do all day while thinking that we’re in an upright position. These activities listed by Cambridge Chiropractic Care are very common and can slowly build up pain:

  • Leaning the neck down to look at a phone
  • Improper reading positions
  • Bad posture during driving
  • Bad sleeping position

It’s very important to notice the activities that can damage your back and neck unwillingly so you’d pay extra attention while doing them.


It’s a common recommendation to start your day with stretches. The sooner you stretch during the day, the better you’ll feel throughout. A lot of people are in the habit of doing some sit-ups once they’re up. And while that is very useful as the muscles involved help strengthen your back and neck, it can actually worsen your back pain symptoms. It’s recommended to incorporate some yoga planks, similar to a push-up pose, and hold out in a position like this for as long as you can.

Most jobs include sitting at your desk for long hours, and once someone decides to get up from a sitting position suddenly, rigid hamstrings put pressure on the pelvis, causing misaligned deformations in the spine and, of course, severe pain. A popular exercise that can greatly help your hamstrings is to lay on the ground on your back and use a yoga belt to pull your leg up as much as you can while keeping it straight.

Lifting properly

Heavy lifting at the gym isn’t the only place where you have to carefully watch your posture. We move things around all day, from light to heavy objects, and a lot of factors are involved in lifting objects properly. Even if you’re lifting a light object, always keep your back straight and shift most of the action and weight to your legs. If you happen to frequently lift objects, you’ll notice that the more tired you are, the less you’d include your legs in the lifting process. This is why it’s very important to always stay conscious of your form while lifting. A lot of injuries can occur for not lifting objects properly.

Back pain is easily one of the most common problems people get as they age. The catalyst which speeds up the spine and muscle pain is usually bad habits, but these can be avoided with the right knowledge. It’s always advisable to ensure you maintain proper posture most of the time and do stretches often so you don’t end up with back pain that will hinder your everyday life to a point where you can’t do anything at all.