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Sugar detox for the new year – Mind and Body empowerment

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Sugar Detox the New Year I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions because they often involve unhealthy restriction–at the coldest, most depressing time of the year! However, all those holiday treats can have a not-so-pleasant effect on your children’s behaviour and your patience.

Ditching sugar can be one of the most effective ways to end cravings and have calmer kids. Below are my top tips to detox from sugar overload during the holidays.

1. Water & Lemon – Hydration helps to curb cravings and promote detoxification. Thirty minutes before breakfast drink a glass of water with fresh lemon.

2. Substitute Sugar with Protein & Fat – A crash in blood sugar levels will trigger carb sugar cravings. Stabilize blood sugar levels with protein and fat to curb cravings. Replace carb based snacks with meat, nuts, seeds, lentils and healthy fats.

3. Increase Magnesium & Chromium – Sugar is called an anti-nutrient because so many essential nutrients like magnesium and chromium are pulled from the body just to metabolize the effects of sugar. Magnesium has around 300 functions in the body: detoxification, promoting relaxation and sleep are just a few. Chromium stabilizes blood sugar levels. Eat more foods with these nutrients to make the detox easier.

4. Comfort Yourself – My biggest pet peeve is when clients just restrict instead of focusing on comfort and nourishment. It’s January! Eat the cheese! (It neutralizes sugar cravings). Comfort yourself with lots of flavours like spices, sauces, seasonings, fats, nuts, fruits as well as non-food related experiences like saunas, salt baths or a Monday night movie. Eat foods packed with nutrients and your body won’t be craving the bad stuff.

5. Prepare – If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Don’t go anywhere without ready-to-go high protein, high fat snacks. Meal plan for the week and choose restaurants strategically. 6. Bust Sugar Meltdowns – L-Glutamine has been found to address the deficiency that some people have in certain neurotransmitters that causes them to have intense sugar cravings. L-Glutamine under the tongue can stop a sugar craving in its tracks.

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