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Interview with Bloodshot Bill who plays La Maison in Cornwall on February 25th

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Cornwall Ontario – The one-man rockabilly band, Bloodshot Bill, is returning to Cornwall for a concert on Saturday, February 25th, 2017 at La Maison Tavern.

In addition to playing solo Bloodshot Bill has also played with a slew of bands such as The Hick-ups The Hubcaps, Guilloteens, Bootlegs, Pouteens, and Squirt.

The Montreal musician, with his iconic slicked grease hair, has been entertaining audiences since 1998.

His rockabilly image is distinct, but the motivation behind his look isn’t fashion oriented, he just wears what he likes.

“I’m not exactly sure what my image is, I just do what I like,” said Bloodshot Bill.” I am sure that I could put out a disco album and people would still call it “wild rockabilly” just because,” observed Bloodshot Bill.

Over the span of 19 years Bloodshot Bill has improved as a musician, but he still stays close to his musical roots.

“I think, hope, my playing has improved. I never took proper lessons for anything so it took me a while to figure stuff out and get my own thing going. Also, the sound of my recordings has improved a lot, at least to my ears, over the last 6 years. I’m still playing and recording the same kinda stuff as when I started,” Bloodshot Bill reminisced.

Bloodshot Bill plays his own unique brand of raw and raunchy rock and roll with just a guitar and a stomp board. He plays his guitar through a custom made Richtone Amp which adds richness to his unique sound and rhythms.

He has 11 full length albums, and 22 other albums (singles, EP’s, and split albums) that have been released throughout Europe, the United States, and Canada. These are places he still tours frequently by train, plane, bus, or car.

In April 2016, his most recent release, “Guitar Boy” came out on Norton Records.

“I’m really happy with it. From the sound, songs and sequence, down to the great cover art, I’d highly recommended it,” Bloodshot Bill declared.

Bloodshot Bill has been in several films and documentaries, and his music has also appeared on compilation CDs such as the Cornwall Underground Vol.3 which was released in 2003.

His music is also available on music streaming services. Although he doesn’t make money having his music on those services, he is not against them. It is a way for people to hear his music. However the best way to support any musical artist including Bloodshot Bill, is to buy their album.

“I wouldn’t mind getting paid for that but I’m not against it yet. I personally don’t download stuff or use those sites (not for any moral purpose, just that I don’t!). I do check stuff out on Youtube. If I like something I will hunt it down and buy it! I think it’s a good way to discover new things, and it’s definitely quick! I think it all balances out somehow,” Bloodshot Bill hypothesized.

The concert on February 25th starts at 10pm, it is 19+, and admission is $10. La Maison Tavern is located at 900 Montreal Road in the east-end of Cornwall near the college.

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